Ladies Festivals

What is a Ladies Festival


Each year the Master and His Lady are entitled to hold a charity event called a Ladies Festival. The original idea being to thank the Ladies for letting the men go out to their meetings. It would have originally been held directly after one of the meetings and would have been instead of the the usual Festive Board (the name given to the meal after the meeting)

Gradually it evolved into a seperate event and started to be used to raise charity money by inviting friends and family.

Today it is a formal "Black Tie" event which is usually held over a weekend. It is a chance for everyone to get together with friends and family and have en enjoyable weekend and an oppertunity for everyone to dress up on the gala banquet night, normally held on the Saturday night with a live entertainment or a disco. Sometimes there will be a disco or some other entertainment on the Friday night as well.  A raffle is usually held and sometimes an auction or other "games" like roll a coin at a bottle or "heads & tails" which all help to boost the Charity chest.

Sometimes the weekend will be at a seaside resort in a location far enough away from the Lodges hometown to make it interesting and warrent staying away for the weekend. But, this is not always the case, some Lodges have a Ladies Night instead of a weekend, which is essentially the same but is held at a venue near to where the Lodge meets so that travel distances are kept to a minimum.

Whatever the Master and his Lady choose to do it is an ideal opportunity for those who are not freemasons to meet members of a lodge and see what Freemasons do for Charity, whilst still having a good time in a friendly environment.